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Our products are highly essential ingredients for many applications and products within our daily life and are mission-critical to produce a large range of polymers and polymer-based materials. The application of our products goes well beyond polymers. They are used in consumer areas such as hair bleaching, disinfection, denture cleaning and tooth whitening. Industrial applications are comprising etching of printed circuit boards, chemical synthesis, oil & gas exploration, soil remediation and many more.

Every step in the modern world also makes our products go one step further. Currently, this is reflected in a product diversity that touches all facets of daily life. Get an impression and find out in which markets our products play a key role.

Key markets
of our

Housing & Infrastructure

Be it regional or global – population growth and increasing urbanization are among the most demanding challenges of our time. With a wide range of products, we are making our contribution to a growing world.


Life Sciences

With our products, we also serve markets that are focused on health and welfare of people and the planet. For instance, our products leave a noteworthy footprint in the fields of healthcare and medical equipment.


Digitization &

The shift toward digitalization in the world of life and work requires flexibility and a willingness to adapt. Our products help companies meet changing customer needs.

Mobility & Renewables

Sustainability and climate-friendly production processes are fundamental imperatives for the entirety of our product range. Get to know these products from our portfolio with which industries achieve important climate goals such as CO2-reduction and CO2-neutrality.


Consumer Products

As demographics change, so does the demand for everyday goods. We are taking up the challenge of providing the consumer goods market with a range of products that meets the growth in demand and diversity.


Solar panels

CUROX®SOLAR – our contribution to an environmentally friendly generation of energy by photovoltaics 

Photovoltaics have existed for more than 60 years. Since roughly 25 years, this technology has grown enormously in importance. 
The reason for the boom is the economical target to become independent from external and fossil energy sources by focusing on renewable and regional solutions.

Meanwhile, photovoltaic is considered one of the most important future energy sources, especially with regard to regionality.

Our CUROX®SOLAR products are an indispensable raw material in the manufacture of solar modules. They modify the encapsulants for the wavers and make sure that clarity, flexibility and weather resistance for such solar modules can be guaranteed for over 20 years.


Pool & Spa

CAROAT® - The Superchlorination Alternative for Pool & Spa

CAROAT® is the preferred option to solve the problems which are caused by superchlorination when using common pool & spa sanitizers, such as chlorine, bromine and other non-halogenated alternatives.

CAROAT® is characterized by the following:

  • odorless
  • fast dissolving
  • a powerful oxidizer (high oxidation potential)
  • oxygen-based, doesn't contain chlorine
  • unaffected by UV degradation
  • compatible with sanitizers based on chlorine, bromine and other non-halogen based alternatives


CAROAT® is a non-chlorine oxidizer used for shock treatment applications. It has all the positive functionality of a chlorine oxidizer while avoiding the negative side effects.