Code of Conduct

The United Initiators Code of Conduct summarizes many of the ethical principles and standards of conduct of our company. We expect that all of us at United Initiators, all around the globe, are familiar with these principles and abide by them and any respective local laws and corporate guidelines.


Dear Colleagues,
For over one century, United Initiators has been developing, manufacturing, distributing and marketing chemical products. Throughout the years, UI has expanded its role to become a global and leading producer of peroxide based initiators and specialty chemicals. We are focused on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations through high quality products, outstanding reliability and constant improvement and innovation, in line with our motto “Driving Your Success”. We also continue to drive our collective success by taking responsibility towards all of our stakeholders: our employee community at UI, the communities around us, our customers as well as other business partners. We do this by maintaining the highest standards of excellence in safety, quality and environmental care as we produce our products and bring them to market.
As a community of employees within our Company, we are all expected to act ethically and comply with all applicable laws and regulations that govern our business. This Code of Conduct will help us achieve that goal and will guide and support us in our day-to-day activities. The UI Code of Conduct applies to all employees in the entire United Initiators group of companies and we expect all of you to comply with these standards. In the same spirit, we expect you to talk to colleagues who do not comply, in reference to this Code of Conduct. You will not face retaliation for asking a question, reporting potential misconduct in good faith, or participating in an investigation.
All of us at UI are responsible for becoming familiar with and abiding by the Code. As it will not cover each and every potential legal or ethical situation that may arise, you should always feel free to come forward with questions or concerns about our Code or policies. United Initiators is committed to provide you all the support and information you require to meet your obligations.
Thank you for your contribution to our Company’s success and adherence to this Code.

Eduard Hoozemans
Chief Executive Officer

United Initiators Code of Conduct for Suppliers represented by book pages.

Supplier Code of Conduct

The fundamental ethical attitude we adopt as a company should also be reflected in the value chain of our global suppliers. Therefore, we encourage you to read our Supplier Code of Conduct, with which we advocate compliance with internationally recognized environmental, social and corporate governance standards.

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