Our Mission

Satisfy customer needs with reliable service

“Our (customers ́) success is based on reliable delivery of our initiators from safe and environmentally sound plants”.

To ensure a sustainable success, we maintain relationships to all our interested parties. These include our customers and suppliers, owner resp. shareholder, our employees, authorities, our neighborhood and community.

This is valid for all global sites.


Our Vision

The leading initiators producer serving a growing world

  • We operate our plants safely with respect for the health of our employees and the communities’ environment.
  • Consistent quality products and exceptional service make us the #1 partner for our customers
  • We continuously make our operations more cost-competitive
  • Innovation is key to grow our Business in a profitable manner towards a leading position in the global initiator market
  • Our employees find satisfaction in achieving success through competency, empowerment and target achievement


Our Values


We value integrity, loyalty, treat people fair and are tolerant


We take acceptable risks to achieve our targets


We always act with the highest environment, health and safety responsibility


Expertise an innovation lead to continuous improvement


Personally accountable and committed to high performance


Customers and the external world drive our actions


We communicate and share information and feedback openly